Rebekah Poston - South Santa Rosa

Rebekah Poston - South Santa Rosa

Rebekah Poston

GAL Volunteer out of the South Santa Rosa Office

What has been one of her most profound experiences as a GAL?

Rebekah was able to be the stable person in the lives of two female siblings as they went through the dependency process over a two and half year time period. The girls had over five caseworkers and lived in at least four places during that time. Through it all, Rebekah was there for the girls attending their musical performances, advocating for them in school, and bringing them for their first mani/pedis. Now that they have been adopted, she stays in contact with them and maintains a strong bond.

What keeps her dedicated to her GAL role?

Witnessing the tangible effects of a stable relationship is the motivation behind Rebekah’s commitment to our program. When one of her kids calls her after they have had a bad day and she is able to be there as a listener, she knows she is an essential person to the health of her child. When she is able to advocate for the child’s physical and mental health and the judge orders services, she knows she is has made a positive difference for them. She sees it manifest in how their grades go up and how they are able to more effectively communicate with others.

What advice and hope would she give to new volunteers in the program?

It will be overwhelming initially. Take advantage of your mentor’s wisdom. They can help you with all the initial questions as they have experience navigating through the dependency process. As stressful as it can be, it is worth it. We are changing lives for the better. We get to instill hope in their lives where there was none. What a precious opportunity!