Support of Bikers

Yesterday I saw a news report about a biker’s organization that provided support to people who were experiencing threats of violence by just standing between them and their intimidators. It’s interesting that the day before, in Fort Walton, we had offered a Guardian ad Litem volunteer in-service training about the international organization B.A.C.A., Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Their whole mission is to empower children, who have suffered from abuse, to not feel afraid. They will sit outside a child’s home all night if it makes that child feel safe enough to sleep. When a child is scared to go into court to testify, they will escort that child into the courtroom, sitting in the audience to provide a sense of “I’ve-got-your-back.” Despite looking all tough and intimidating, they tenderly provide support to the children who need it the most.

Bikers have gotten a bad rap. Just sayin’.

Trista Blouin