Operating From a Place of Compassion - This Story is What It's All About


This is a story about a new staff member who, despite working in our office for less than two weeks, was able to give a child what she most needed when she most needed it. Last week I was working in a room in the Pensacola office when I heard the sound a child crying. I went out to see what was going on and found several of my workmates attempting to comfort a toddler whose guardian had to attend court across the hall from our office. On occasion, we watch our Guardian ad Litem children, and we have provisions like toys, movies and snacks at the ready. But that little girl was inconsolable. She howled in exhausted terror. She’d been separated from her parent recently and now was away from her relative. No blanket, goldfish snack, or movie was going to do it.

So our new employee, Kasey Weaver, who loves children, stepped up to the plate. For the next hour, she walked that baby around and around the circle of our office. I would see Kasey pace by with the girl snuggled into her neck, chubby baby arms clinging to her and it couldn’t have better symbolized what we do in the program. Eventually, the baby calmed and Kasey was able to bring her into the conference room and play games and watch a movie with her while she was soothed by a lollipop. But she never left the safety of Kasey’s arms the entire time.

The Guardian ad Litem program is about each staff member and volunteer compassionately dedicated to the best interest of children and that means the little things, comprehensively, from holding a child’s hand in court to sitting in the stands at their ballgame, from playing Legos with them, to attending their school conferences. We are there for the child, through laughter and tears.

I enjoy telling stories about all the wonderful things, big and small, that our staff, volunteers, foundation, and community members do and I plan to introduce these wonderful givers to you through the blog and website, so make sure to follow the blog and/or Facebook page. Here’s more about Kasey:

Name: Kasey Weaver

Title: Administrative Specialist II in the Pensacola office

From: Colorado

Educational/Work Background: Political Science and Economics at the U of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Aspirations: To go into law

Kasey has been married to her husband for less than 6 months. They moved here because he is a member of the Coast Guard and is in training here. They don’t have children, but as you can see in the above story, Kasey loves them and is good with them too (a win-win for us). When I asked her how she felt about the experience she had in her second week of work, she said it made her feel happy to know that she could be a compassionate, safe harbor for that child during that time period. She considered it a small victory, as did all of us in the office.

Please join us in welcoming Kasey!