Helene Bruns

GAL Volunteer in the Defuniak Springs Office

Why did she decide to become a GAL?

Helene has no intention to sit around and wait for her demise. She has been fortunate to have given so much throughout her life; she’s compelled to give back. “Selfishly, I get more than I give as I have such a great feeling of fulfillment in my role.”

What has been one of her most profound experiences as a GAL?

Her perceptions about the families who end up in the dependency process have been altered through the two cases she has worked. Before GAL, she held preconceived ideas about caregivers. She has since come to witness how love and care for children surpasses all demographic boxes.

What keeps her dedicated to her GAL role?

Helene believes very strongly that this program is essential to our community’s survival. She states that living on the beach along 30A is beautiful but it is not the reality of our society. She is part of something bigger and necessary.

What advice and hope would she give to new volunteers in the program?

Avoid making assumptions about how to handle your case; asking specific questions will prevent many rookie mistakes. Additionally, always remember to respect confidentiality.