Carrie Kurtz - Milton Office

Carrie Kurtz - Milton Office

Carrie Kurtz

GAL Volunteer out of the Milton Office

Why did you decide to become a GAL?

As a stay-at-home mom, once Carrie’s children all were in school, she had some free time during the day. She is passionate for children’s issues and wanted to plug-in somewhere that she could make a difference with kids.  

What has been one of her most profound experiences as a GAL?

Carrie has had two families in which the children ended up being adopted by their foster parents. Knowing these children now have homes where they feel safe, secure, and loved brings tears to her eyes.

What keeps her dedicated to her GAL role?

How a child is doing in their daily life and how they feel about their situation is not something easily translatable in a courtroom. Carrie knows she plays a vital role in gathering together all the feelings and circumstances of that child and sharing them with the judge; she can be their voice.

What advice and hope would she give to new volunteers in the program?

Be open-minded and enter each case with fresh eyes, free of cynicism and preconceived ideas. The circumstances for each case are going to be different. Additionally, remember that as a volunteer, you have the right to say no to a case if it’s not the best fit. Speaking up will benefit not only you but those whose lives you will be impacting in your role.